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I wrote a book called Becoming Human Again. The title expresses what the book is about and what our society must do if we don’t want to be thrown back into the dark ages. Our ignorance towards public affairs is astounding. It seems we had it too good for too long and take things as they are for granted. This is not so. Without active participation in sustaining of freedom, rights, liberties, all this can go to hell in a hand basket. Greedy men with the taste of power in their mouths ruthlessly advance, licking their chops all the way.

As Plato said over 2000 years ago, the price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. This will always apply and it applies very much today. But with our heads in the sand, we ignore this too. We care more about the right to stuff a Big Mac down our gabs then the defense of our liberties.

We learned to nod at anything and everything the government passes and the news presents. We watch the mandatory daily 10 min of news and doze off, thinking it’s alright. We think that whatever politicians in charge will do is what’s best for us. Really?

But lately, just lately, many of us have awakened.. slowly.. At sluggish speeds people were thrown out of a deep hibernation, they roll over and ask why? What is happening to our great nation? Why do we need all these new laws? Why are we basically bankrupt? Are they telling us the truth? What is going on?

For years, we have been eating what they told us, repeated their mantras, cowered in fear when they told us, swallowed the pills they advocated and handed over tax money for them to have lavish parties, at our expense. They must be bent over laughing at our stupidity. We have not budged when our funds were used to bail out the party bankers. Are we sure they want the best for us?

There is a cure though.

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Turn off the buzz.

Deep inside, you know that the abundance of buzz, stress and stuff turned us into pre-occupied, not so human, sitting ducks.
You secretly agree that the toxic cocktail of today’s food, prescriptions, the tough grind, plastic relationships, consistent noise and entertainment metamorphosed the population into apathetic, sick and numb creatures. The fact that you are driven by outer stimulation; that you depend on praise, flattery, a new pair of shoes for a short high, is wrong. Excessive focus on without, on ego, on fluff and toys destroys the within, your human core.

Turn off the buzz. Unplug the TV. Go for a walk. Tune in, instead of out. Connect to humans, instead of ipads. Learn to awaken from the hypnotic slumber to the wonder of humanness again. Imagine the rediscovery, to change from a designer puppet, who acts according to input, back to being a commonsensical, healthy human. Imagine the end to inundation by manipulative institutions. Suddenly, you will no longer be obedient, scared or too tired to bother with anything beyond the subprime-mortgaged backyard. Instead you are empowered, informed and conscious.

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What is becoming human again?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could undo your auto-pilot mind?

Yes, your auto-pilot mind! But wait – you are a free, independent thinker, right? I invite you to reconsider. What are the sources of your beliefs, your thoughts and ideas? Are your views original, your own? Or is everything solely a product of the manipulated mass conscience?

The fluff assault with commercials, infotainment, news, buzz; corporate and government brainwash and friends and neighbors, parroting the hogwash – all of it has infested your hard drive without you noticing.

• Don’t you repeat their mantras, eat the foods they endorse, buy the pills, shoes, ipods, ipads, lotions and serums they advertise?
• Don’t you sign up for the latest rage, plastic surgeries, toys, gadgets or classes because they tell you?
• Don’t you even go into profound debt to afford the thought must haves?

They even tell you how to raise your kids, to vote, to think, to workout, to behave, to have sex. They tell you not to trust thy neighbor, to work like a dog, on and on. And you do it. Blindly. Unconsciously. Why?

Because you are a caged animal that doesn’t recall how jungle tastes like. You are lazy, stressed, weighed down by too much info and most of all – afraid. Afraid of raising a red flag or simply being different. Perhaps, you are spooked by them? Whatever it is, you conform, take the easy way out and stick to being a sheep. It seems blissful to swim with the currents. But you are not doing anyone a favor.

You can safely admit to yourself that you’re mind was taken hostage. Now that you know, you can change.


Turn off the TV. Unplug your xbox. Read my book. I rip the wool that’s been covering your eyes off by exposing truths about food, drugs, news, entertainment, consumerism, work, government and social interaction. You will see how the opposite of what they tell you is often what you should do. You will learn what’s at stake for the human race if we don’t awaken. I provide the tools to liberate your mind and take charge of your life. If you stay on auto-pilot, they got free rein.

According to Plato, ignorance is the root and stem of all evil. Auto-pilot means ignorance, it means sheeple. Give yourself a gift, read my book and learn to be a human being again. God gave you a mind, a brain to think, to reason, to create, not to be apathetic, controlled and succumb to ideas of others.

Wanted – Humans who crave being!

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