Turn off the buzz.

Deep inside, you know that the abundance of buzz, stress and stuff turned us into pre-occupied, not so human, sitting ducks.
You secretly agree that the toxic cocktail of today’s food, prescriptions, the tough grind, plastic relationships, consistent noise and entertainment metamorphosed the population into apathetic, sick and numb creatures. The fact that you are driven by outer stimulation; that you depend on praise, flattery, a new pair of shoes for a short high, is wrong. Excessive focus on without, on ego, on fluff and toys destroys the within, your human core.

Turn off the buzz. Unplug the TV. Go for a walk. Tune in, instead of out. Connect to humans, instead of ipads. Learn to awaken from the hypnotic slumber to the wonder of humanness again. Imagine the rediscovery, to change from a designer puppet, who acts according to input, back to being a commonsensical, healthy human. Imagine the end to inundation by manipulative institutions. Suddenly, you will no longer be obedient, scared or too tired to bother with anything beyond the subprime-mortgaged backyard. Instead you are empowered, informed and conscious.

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