What is becoming human again?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could undo your auto-pilot mind?

Yes, your auto-pilot mind! But wait – you are a free, independent thinker, right? I invite you to reconsider. What are the sources of your beliefs, your thoughts and ideas? Are your views original, your own? Or is everything solely a product of the manipulated mass conscience?

The fluff assault with commercials, infotainment, news, buzz; corporate and government brainwash and friends and neighbors, parroting the hogwash – all of it has infested your hard drive without you noticing.

• Don’t you repeat their mantras, eat the foods they endorse, buy the pills, shoes, ipods, ipads, lotions and serums they advertise?
• Don’t you sign up for the latest rage, plastic surgeries, toys, gadgets or classes because they tell you?
• Don’t you even go into profound debt to afford the thought must haves?

They even tell you how to raise your kids, to vote, to think, to workout, to behave, to have sex. They tell you not to trust thy neighbor, to work like a dog, on and on. And you do it. Blindly. Unconsciously. Why?

Because you are a caged animal that doesn’t recall how jungle tastes like. You are lazy, stressed, weighed down by too much info and most of all – afraid. Afraid of raising a red flag or simply being different. Perhaps, you are spooked by them? Whatever it is, you conform, take the easy way out and stick to being a sheep. It seems blissful to swim with the currents. But you are not doing anyone a favor.

You can safely admit to yourself that you’re mind was taken hostage. Now that you know, you can change.


Turn off the TV. Unplug your xbox. Read my book. I rip the wool that’s been covering your eyes off by exposing truths about food, drugs, news, entertainment, consumerism, work, government and social interaction. You will see how the opposite of what they tell you is often what you should do. You will learn what’s at stake for the human race if we don’t awaken. I provide the tools to liberate your mind and take charge of your life. If you stay on auto-pilot, they got free rein.

According to Plato, ignorance is the root and stem of all evil. Auto-pilot means ignorance, it means sheeple. Give yourself a gift, read my book and learn to be a human being again. God gave you a mind, a brain to think, to reason, to create, not to be apathetic, controlled and succumb to ideas of others.

Wanted – Humans who crave being!

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2 Responses to What is becoming human again?

  1. kpbotbot says:

    I never thought I would actually stumble upon people like you. I thought they were extinct. I’m more than happy to be actually reading this. Whether this is a dude or a dudette, I love you. Seriously.

    I write about the exact same thing in my blog, only that I miss a lot of points you have in here.

    I am one of those who don’t actually act like a sheeple. Honest. I never liked the iPad, because I know it’s an overglorified, underpowered machine [if smosh were asked. but note that i never liked the ipad even before they did because of the same reason]. this does not only apply to my views on the ipad, but on everything else. I have this always-running question in my mind: “Why the hell do all these people love these?”

    I like the last part where the “turn of the TV” is. I made up facebook status messages saying “The Television is also known as the propaganda machine”. Turns out I’m not the only one who think that way.

    If I were to summarize this entire post, I’d say sheeple follow pop culture. It’s a frightening world we got here. Makes me wish I was born in the middle ages.

    I’m subscribing to your blog. [Not that I’m saying that you’d do the same, but a little view on mine is very much appreciated 🙂 ]

  2. hey there
    good to hear from you. yes, indeed, the human race needs to get off their knees. I recently published an ebook about the topic. check it out if you want


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