About the Author:

Born in Switzerland in 1970, Susanne Meier has since lived in the US, Canada, Sri Lanka (during the war), Switzerland, England and Cuzco, Peru. She is now commuting between Pasadena and her native Zurich, Switzerland. She divides her time into being a freelance writer, a frantic program manager (still working for corporations and beyond ready to transition into full-time writing), coach and a common sense human.

Susanne has thus far enjoyed a full life, packed with extraordinary experiences. At only four years old, little Susanne told her mom she was going to move to the States. Mom had no idea where this desire came from at such a young age. However, Susanne did as promised and crossed the Atlantic at age 20. She studied at Cal State Long Beach, while running a private dancer business on the side, then worked in International Business as a successful project manager. Bored of if after a few years, she craved a piece of the dot com rage. That eventually led her back to a Swiss bank. After a stint in IT, she was itching again and signed up to lead, what turned out one of the most successful large-scale Tsunami rehabilitation projects in Sri Lanka. The Swiss Government appointed her for this huge job she loved much, until she came face to face with war in paradise. She made it out alive after an ambush that left 12 people dead. This experience triggered an interest in the inner workings of life and being human.  She studied meditation, yoga and clinical nutrition and became of avid observer of life,  society and the insanity in which we subsist. 

Susanne speaks four languages. She loves snowboarding, horseback riding, reading, politics and nurturing her spirit but thinks that of all her passions, writing is the only one somewhat comparable to breathing. Becoming Human Again is her first of many non-fiction books.


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